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Fusion Arena Virtual Reality Center

In March 2018, Pandally opened the world’s first 10-player VR arcade in Zurich’s Letzipark shopping mall: Fusion Arena Virtual Reality Center. In the following years 2019 and 2020, two wide experience centers were added. Fusion Arena sets standards not only in the number of players, but also in the design. Our goal was to create a feel-good atmosphere, and to differentiate ourselves from the dark neon designs common in the industry.

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Franchise Partner Program


Interested in becoming a Franchise Partner? We offer our Virtual Reality concept to selected partners worldwide. Please find more information on our Franchise Site at

Our Games


The offer of the different venues differs a bit: the main attraction of each Fusion Arena is the full-body virtual reality from TrueVRSystems. Up to 10 people go on an adventure together, on a large surface, supported by physical objects, as well as 4D effects such as wind, heat and scent. In the lounge area, the attractions differ. In the sofa corner, each arena has Playstation games supported by VR single stations and, depending on the arena, a Birdly flight simulator.

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