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Event Solutions

Virtual Reality is a proven crowd magnet. Be it at conventions, exhibitions or a company event, you can be sure we bring emotions tailored to your needs to your audience.

For event building and decoration, we partner with Zurich based Aroma, a proven player in the events business to make your event an unforgettable experience.

Our Offering


Rental of the Birdly Flight Simulator

With Birdly, you fly through the air like a bird. The innovative flight simulator from Switzerland makes visitors laugh, scream and marvel.

Choose from a variety of experiences, from flying through the world of dinosaurs to underwater experiences. Surprise your guests with an unforgettable experience. You can find videos of the experiences on Birdly’s Youtube channel.

Virtual Reality Stations & Domes

Free standing VR domes that not only look good but are also functional. Our experience ranges from small events with one station to large events with more than 10 stations. We have the experience to assemble and disassembled in a short amount of time.

  • We train your staff, or we provide experienced VR operators

  • We customize the games and experiences to your needs and goals

  • We can create custom games for you

  • Multiplayer is an option

  • We decorate according to your needs



Starting at 700 CHF per day, enquires per email or phone. Every event is different, so the easiest way is a phone call to talk about your needs and goals.

Full-Body Multiplayer Virtual Reality

You want to blow your audiences mind? No matter if it’s for your product launch for marketing purposes or an exclusive event you’ll have to go multiplayer full-body VR. Our customers in Fusion Arena will never forget their first view on their avatar and the first high-five with their mixed reality body.

  • We build and operate the system for your event

  • We have a standard set of games available or

  • We custom build an experience to your needs

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